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Girls have been around since 1990, and the sport has grown to 17 official teams across the state, but growth has been slow. The sport is recognized by the Michigan High School Athletic Association and is currently offered in eleven sports programs, including basketball, baseball, football, softball, football, volleyball, athletics and athletics.

Downriver United consists of members of the Allen Park Garden Club, the local section of the Downriver Youth Soccer Club. Down River United includes a variety of youth sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, football, soccer and volleyball.

The majority of students in the area attend Allen Park High School, a public high school with a strong football program. The following is a video of a recent game between Downriver United and Down River Youth Soccer Club, provided by the U.S. Soccer Development Center in Ann Arbor.

The city of Allen is widely known for having one of the best parking systems in the region, and the groundbreaking ceremony for Allen Estates at Hough will take place later this month, just blocks from Allen Park High School. Mario posthumously appointed Walter Owens, who accepted his honor from his namesake. The event will take place on Saturday, June 18 at 8: 30 a.m. at Allen Beach Park. Welcome to the Allen Park website, which aims to provide better access for all those interested in our community. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and Swimming Lake Michigan.

Pat Hawkins, director of parks and recreation, said he was pleased with the large turnout at the inauguration and praised Allen Park Rotary Club. The candidates have worked with the youth and made it their mission to bring their sport to Allen Park.

Being able to be an integral part of the academic and sporting world has given Mike the ability to significantly influence his athletes. He has led a hoops program that has been a consistent powerhouse, coached the APAC Rangers to the state championships, coached youth baseball and held up four state championship banners as a coach on the football field.

He was chairman of the Allen Park Parks and Recreation Commission for more than 25 years, spending most of his time on the commission. He has also coached the Allen Park Bulldogs and Melvindale Indians and served on the board of several local high school sports organizations. His work as a community and civic leader is recognized by the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, as well as Michigan State and national awards for sporting achievement.

He is a member of the Allen Park Sports Hall of Fame and the Michigan State Athletic Association's Board of Directors. He has been a high school coach for over 30 years, coached the Melvindale Indians, Allen City High School and is a former head coach and assistant coach of the University of Michigan basketball team.

He is a member of the Allen Park Sports Hall of Fame and the Michigan State Athletic Association's Board of Directors. He is currently the Director of Education at the University of Michigan, where he serves as Director of Education for the College of Arts and Sciences and as an Associate Professor at the School of Public Health. Wildcats and Bulldogs, is a former head coach and assistant coach at Allen City High School and has been a coach in high school basketball, men's and women's basketball, and an associate professor of public health and health education at Michigan.

He is a member of the Allen Park Sports Hall of Fame and the Michigan State Athletics Association's Board of Directors. He began coaching high school football in 1987 and was an assistant coach at Allen City High School for four years. He won the national title in California in 1990 and met with his former teammates from his days as quarterback, safety and slugger with the Golden Bears.

Chloe Bateman became the first athlete since Abby Slate to win a team championship in softball. She was part of the Allen Park team that won the Downriver League title in the school's season.

Shepherd was a member of the first Allen Park football team, the All-Suburban Six, and the first team to be recognized for area and state honors. Miller played football at Allen Park High School and was recognized as a league, district or state player in three of his four years at the school.

He was a football scholarship student at the University of Montana and Eastern Michigan University and played college basketball at West Texas State. He was considered one of the best high school basketball players in Michigan State in his class and was an All-Big Ten Conference selection as a senior at Allen Park High School. In his first year, he was named the team's MVP and the first - and all - player of the year in football.

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