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The downtown Allen Park district is one of many that give the Michigan Downtown Association many reasons to celebrate 40 years of growth. Several developments have rightly earned Allen Park its name as the "jewel of the downriver," as new shops are emerging in previously empty shops, giving way to a complete revival. These new stores include Thai Vylai's, which opened in 2014, and the taco stand on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Grand River Street. About half of all shops that have reopened in the eight years since the revival were restaurants, with most opening since.

Taco Stand has already expanded to Taylor this year and will soon open its new location, and it is already expanding into Taylor. There is still a lot of work to be done before it opens as a public dog park, but the plan has been warmly received by the residents. The plan to provide education in Allen Park through Lapham School ended with the University of Michigan School of Art and Design buying Rusty's Dog Park. I was campus president for Allen Park when they bought Rusty's, so I leaked the message to the community on our local Facebook group.

Other exciting things to come are the official closing of Allen Park Theatre in 2019; the theatre has been a fixture of downtown AllenPark for more than 77 years. The new life is both welcome and bittersweet, but all members of the Allen Park community have enjoyed the pieces over the years and are excited to welcome Rusty's to their new Forever Home. While planning for the future continues, please continue to support the arts in the city of Allen Park and the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.

The Allen Park community is also reworking and updating its plans for what is to come, things that will continue to grow and prosper Allen Park. In recent years, these plans have included financing the preparation of the city's first Community Economic Development Plan. These three plans are the result of years of hard work by the community, local businesses and government officials, and have revised regulations to facilitate development. They have laid the groundwork to attract additional small manufacturing operations to Allen Park and promote jobs and economic development.

It was good that our eighth grade students were involved in the planning and assembly of the clothes and filmed the whole event. It was an experience to observe the awe in the eyes of our children as Mr. Dancer took breathtaking photos and we joined in singing in an effort to educate about the meaning of this beautiful earth. I can't believe I've never seen such an incredible gift and I think nature deserves this beauty after we've done everything we can to make it happen. When you see the sky, it looks extraordinary, but there are beautiful creations that don't appear in the media every night.

This story is part of a series being conducted by the Michigan Downtown Association to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Allen Park Art Museum. This is the first part of a partner content series led by the Michigan Downtown Association, which celebrates local art, culture, history and art in downtown Ann Arbor.

Allen Park has been home to the Ann Arbor Lions Major League Baseball team since 2002 and is also the team's headquarters. In 2009, the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) announced that Thunderbowl Lanes at Allen Park would become the new home for their professional bowler club.

One tournament, the Motor City Open, is held at Thunderbowl Lanes, while the other six, including the PBA World Championship and the US Open Championship, are held at Thunder Bowl. This unique event pits the world's best bowlers from the United States, Canada and Europe against each other in the same region.

Southfield Road is an eight-lane boulevard that runs through the heart of Allen Park, a Michigan city of more than 1.5 million people.

The sculpture came fifth out of 1582 submissions in the competition and was a public favourite at the art prize. The structure was moved to Allen Park as part of a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

That's a good thing, because it's not just a one-off piece, but 935 children with fewer adults who make up the majority of the population in Allen Park, Michigan, a city of more than 1.5 million people. The population is distributed so that 55.0% of children under 18 years live in households with at least one housekeeper and no male households. There are 27.5% who have a married couple, 31.6% in a single-family house, 35.7% with a family with four or more children, 25.1% without a husband or wife, 26.4% and 20.9% who are 65 years or older. 27% of these households are below the poverty line, including 31.5% non-families, 13.2% have no children over 18 years of age living with their parents, 9.8% live in an apartment or apartment complex without family members, 7.3% own property, 5.11% do not, 3.12% work, 2.13% rent or own a house, 4.01% have a farm or a farmhouse, 0.04% lease or lease a farm, 1,000 hectares of land or 2,500 hectares, according to the census.

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More About Allen Park